Freeze-dried Mānuka Honey Powder

 Become a morning, afternoon and night person. 

Indulge and fuel your body with Mānuka Pharm freeze-dried Mānuka Honey powder. Simply spoon, stir, and sip to elevate your wellbeing.

Our range of superfood powders is made from high-quality ingredients that can be traced back to their source. Maximise your day's productivity by providing your body with essential nutrients, from the inside out.

Our innovative freeze-dry technology preserves the natural essence of R.A.W Mānuka honey, making it easy to add more nourishment to your day in a conveniently transformed natural energy powder.

Make taking your daily dose of Mānuka honey easy and nutritious. Get an energy boost, extra defence, or revitalisation with one spoonful of Mānuka Pharm daily.

All Day Energy
Booster Powder Booster Powder


Revitalise & Rejuvenate
Recover Powder Recover Powder


Fortify your Immunity
Defend Powder Defend Powder


Max Strength
Power MGO300 Mānuka Powder Power MGO300 Mānuka Powder