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Elevate your day effortlessly with our goodness boost – simply with a daily spoonful. Harnessing freeze-dry technology, we transform nature's bounty into potent superfood powders, capturing every nutrient for your best self.
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Dilute to taste Drink Blend Sprinkle
Dilute to taste Drink Blend Sprinkle

What is Freeze-Drying?

Freeze-drying, or lyophilization is the process of removing moisture from a product by freezing it and then evaporating the moisture using a vacuum, resulting in an almost 100% dry product.

How does Mānuka Pharm's Freeze-Dry Technology Work?

Our freeze-dry technology gently removes water from R.A.W.  Mānuka honey, locking in its nutritional benefits, flavour, and freshness. The process of freeze-drying bypasses the liquid stage and goes directly from ice to vapour (sublimation), which helps maintain freshness and nutrients while preventing any loss of flavour.

During freeze-drying, R.A.W.  Mānuka honey is frozen, turning all water into ice. Under controlled low pressure and cold temperatures, the ice turns directly into water vapour that evaporates without thawing. The scientific term for this is sublimation. The low-water-content Mānuka honey powder left behind is much lighter, yet still resembles the original colours & nutrients.

Numerous studies in Food Science, Food Technology and Food Composition have shown that freeze-dried foods often retain over 90% of the original fresh food's nutrition. This tops other drying techniques like air-drying or heat-drying, which often cause significant colour changes in the food and damage important micronutrients and phytonutrients.

Why did we choose to freeze-dry our Mānuka honey?

Our freeze-dry technology acts like a rejuvenating force for food, preserving its freshness and nutritional value for extended periods. We made this choice based on four key factors: Process, Taste, Nutrition, and Convenience.



  • Preservation: Our freeze-dry technology operates at low temperatures, preserving the nutritional value, taste, appearance, and heat-sensitive compounds.
  • Enzyme Retention: Raw ingredients' natural enzymes are preserved, ensuring the final product remains as close to fresh as possible.
  • Long-lasting: Removing water inhibits chemical and microbiological processes, which significantly delay the product's deterioration, thereby extending the product's shelf life.
  • Maximal Nutrient Retention: Lower temperatures allow maximum retention of nutrients & bioactive compounds.



  • Tastiest way to preserve flavour: The flavour remains true to the original ingredient.
  • Locked in: The freeze-dry process ‘locks in’ the natural flavour.



  • Preserves Nutrients and Freshness: The nutrients are not damaged by heat processing, which means they remain intact and available.
  • Nutrient Dense: Concentrates and locks in the nutritional value.



  • Locking in all the goodness: Makes having your daily Mānuka Pharm convenient, nutritious and easy.
  • All in one: Formulated as a once-daily nutrient boost, designed to support you living your best life.
  • A daily spoonful: Just one spoonful delivers your daily dose of nutrient-dense goodness.

Why is freeze-dried food nutritionally dense?

To put it simply, removing water slows nutrient degradation of vitamins and minerals over time, stabilising the naturally occurring phytonutrients and enzymes, which results in a concentration of goodness, without water.

For example, as a weight-for-weight comparison between a spoonful of fresh beetroot vs a spoonful of freeze-dried beetroot: you get higher nutritional value from the freeze-dried spoonful, as all the goodness is concentrated with the removal of water.

Is freeze-dried food healthy?

Freeze-drying maintains food quality similar to if it were fresh, as the process involves sublimation under low temperatures. The combination of lack of water, and low temperature under vacuum, stops the degradation.

It doesn’t add or detract from the food's health and nutritional properties, it only removes the water content.

Is freeze-dried food the same as frozen food?

No, freeze-dried food differs from frozen food in its preservation method. Unlike frozen food, our freeze-dried powders do not contain any added chemicals or sulphites. While sulphite is commonly used as a preservative in dehydrated fruits and vegetables to maintain colour and Vitamin C, it may also alter flavour and pose digestive concerns for certain sensitive groups. Our freeze-drying process preserves the natural goodness of fruits and vegetables without the need for such additives, ensuring a convenient & nutritious option for consumers.

Are Chemicals Added to Freeze-Dried Food?

We refrain from adding chemicals or artificial preservatives to our freeze-dried powders. Our commitment to purity means that you can enjoy the wholesome benefits of fruits and vegetables. With our freeze-dried products, you're getting natural nutrition in every serving.

Where and how do I store my Mānuka Pharm Honey Powders?

Store in a cool, dry place. Reseal after use. If you live in very hot temperatures, you can store in the fridge. Mild clumping may occur if moisture gets in, as we use real freeze-dried fruits and vegetables. If this happens, simply stir the mixture to loosen, and you’re good to go.

How to Use?


An instant upgrade to your daily routine.

Have it your way. Just mix a spoonful into 100 ml of water, your favourite smoothie, yoghurt, or breakfast bowl. 

On sunny days, throw in some ice cubes for a refreshing treat. And if you're feeling fancy, sprinkle it over your breakfast bowl for extra flavour. Just a heads up, though - skip the boiling water, it can destroy all of those good vitamins.

Enjoy one serving a day and remember, as with any supplement - consistency is key!

Always use a clean dry spoon for every fresh spoonful.


It’s all about balance…

Mānuka Pharm Freeze-Dried Mānuka Honey + Superfood Powders provide a range of nutrients.

Quick, tasty, and convenient - add a spoonful of goodness to your day.

Our vitamin powders aren't meant to be a substitute for a balanced diet. Instead, they're here to enhance your dietary intake and support your overall vitality as part of a wellness-focused lifestyle. Remember, getting those fruits and veggies in is still important.


Make your big goals bite-sized (or as we like to say spoon-sized!)


How do you keep the powder from clumping?

We are committed to creating products using the highest quality ingredients, with no artificial colours or flavours. Because we use freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powders, occasionally the powder may become slightly dense in the container if moisture gets in. This is completely natural – just stir to loosen it up a bit before scooping your spoonful.

When using all-natural superfood powders, sometimes they may need a helping hand to dissolve in your glass. We recommend giving them a good stir or shake.

Are Mānuka Honey Powders Suitable for Children?

BOOSTER and RECOVER are suitable for children over 4 years.

DEFEND is suitable for children over 14 years.

These honey powders are formulated with adult-based daily vitamin supplements and mineral recommendations as per New Zealand guidelines.

POWER, with no added vitamins or minerals, is safe for children over 1 years old.


What is MGO?

You might be curious about the MGO number prominently featured on the jar.

MGO stands for methylglyoxal, a natural compound abundant in Mānuka honey. It's renowned for its numerous beneficial effects on everyday natural wellness. 

The numbers associated with Mānuka honey reflect the strength and potency of its naturally occurring antibacterial properties. This potency is what makes the honey a valuable addition to your daily routine.

Mānuka honey's ability to fight bacteria, unlike regular honey, comes from its high levels of phenolic compounds and methylglyoxal (MGO). Studies have shown that it has extensive benefits, including boosting the immune and digestive system.

How do we know what MGO rating each jar of honey has?

Each batch of Mānuka honey undergoes rigorous independent testing to guarantee its authenticity. The MGO rating is established through independent scientific analysis of the natural Methylglyoxal (MGO) activity levels in the honey, which are then clearly stated on the label.


You'll spot the MGO rating right on the front of our honey pot, presented as a numerical value that signifies the quantity of MGO per kg in that specific batch. For instance, an MGO 110+ rating means the honey batch has a minimum of 110 mg per kg of MGO.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with the hundreds of years of traditional wisdom and modern science that shows the way to not only enjoy Mānuka honey but to use Mānuka honey for energy.


Check out the following studies for more information:

What is R.A.W?

In the Honey Industry...

Especially in New Zealand, the term ‘raw’ lacks a standardised definition with multiple conflicting ‘definitions’ of ‘raw honey’ existing, leading to confusion among consumers.


Mānuka Pharm is proud to carry the ‘Certified R.A.W’ Certification mark.

The C.L.E.A.N. and R.A.W. Food certification was facilitated by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT-trained Systems Biologist who graduated from the Department of Biological Engineering, formerly known as the Department of Food and Nutrition Science.


A Systems-Based Approach

The consortium of industry leaders, with the leadership of Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, employed a multi-criterion, systems-based approach in arriving at the critical elements underlying the Certified R.A.W. standards. Three important principles emerged from this systems-based analysis. One principle was that the product must be minimally processed, second, the ingredients in the product must be Bioavailable, and the third was that it should be Safe.


What Is Certified R.A.W.?

For products to be Certified R.A.W.:

  • They must be Real’. Captured by the criteria that the product must be 100% safe and must have all non-GMO ingredients.
  • They must be ‘Alive’. Denoted by the level of bioavailability of the ingredient combination in the product, determined using a bioinformatics approach currently enabled through the CytoSolve® technology.
  • They must be ‘Whole’. Determined by two criteria:
    • The level of organic ingredients.
    • The ANDI nutrient score.